Visionary Fire Critical Guide

This is a guide on achieving high damage and 100% critical for Fire school at Visionary, currently max level 130. It is possible for all the schools in the Spiral to attain 100% critical. However, when you boost a particular stat, you decrease others. With this critical and damage build you will sacrifice resist, pierce and power-pip chance.

Note: All pets must be 2.0 (or max stats) for this guide to be successful.

Fire School

Ah the school of fire. This is my main school and I use this build questing anywhere outside of Empyrea. With my guide, Fire school can get 149% damage and 100% critical. This is one of the highest critical builds in the game, second only to Storm. The math with this set is a little off in regards to displaying the final value. On my own Wizard I use the balance Ghulture instead of the fire Ghulture. That gives me 148% damage. A fire Ghulture and the right pet will bring your Wizard up to 149% damage.

Advantages of the Fire School

One of the main advantages of fire school is the d.o.t.s. or, damage over-time spells. With this build, fire dots or other spells can wipe out mobs in a single turn. You will also have over 6k health with this gear set. This high health is a huge advantage over the storm school, which boasts higher damage.

What You’ll Need:

The gear you need:

Robe: Radiant Light Brigade Armor

Hat: Fiery Paradox Hat

Boots: Fiery Paradox Boots

Wand: Jack Hallow’s blues

Pet: Quint damage pet with a fire assailant jewel

Athame: Edge of the Shadow Web (with two (2) +18 critical ruby jewels)

Ring: Mithraya’s Blazing Loop (With one (1) +18 critical ruby jewel)

Amulet: Talisman of the Daystar

Mount: Fire Ghulture

Deck: Fiery Paradox Deck

Total Damage: 148% (or 149 depending on your pet stat numbers)
Total Critical: 844 (100%)


Gear Guide For Fire


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    1. Witch Hunter’s I did the math with every pet critical combo … its one off on max damage w/ 100% critical. Jack Hollow’s is the best by one damage point.

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