The NEW Scroll of Fortune

The new Scroll of Fortune has been added as a part of the Sizzling Summer Update!  Within it comes potions,  gold and even packs that you can earn by obtaining points over the next 4 months!  So, let’s see if it’s worth 7500 Crowns, and if the rewards are enough!

The Tiers

The Scroll of Fortune comes with 9 tiers. You progress on to the next tier, after fully progressing through your current one. To progress you have to earn points.

Points are earned by participating in the events that are currently active in the game. These include the Deckathalons, the Beastmoon Hunt, The Spiral Showcase, and any future events yet unknown!

Each tier requires a differing amount of points to complete, offering multiple rewards along the way as you progress!


The Rewards

Throughout the Scroll you will earn rewards as you progress. These can range from gold, to seeds, to Deckathalon packs. Completing the 9th tier comes with 32 rewards. That’s a lot of extra rewards you can earn by simply playing the events active at the time.  

However, the real rewards come from that 7500 Crowns investment into the scroll! With an additional 31 rewards up for grabs, I personally will be buying the Scroll. Justifying the cost is up to you, but I don’t want to regret not taking the opportunity to be able to dab on my haters with the new dance! Or, cast awesome magic spells with a simple emote! Or, what about having piles of elixirs and potions at your disposal to make your Wizard’s life easier, whatever they may be working on in the Spiral!

So is it worth it?

The Scroll initially had a fairly poor reception from the community.  Most people seem to believe it’s a waste of Crowns. I however, don’t.  It’s 7500 crowns for four months of rewards that you can earn. If you’re worried you won’t complete the scroll and get the rewards, you can buy it AFTER you’ve completed the tiers and still claim all the previous rewards you’ve gone past!  

If you need further incentive, do you really want to be that wizard who, a year down the line, has missed out on the opportunity to dab on their enemies after a PvP match..?  I think not! So, will you be purchasing the new Scroll of Fortune? Let us know in the comments below.

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