Storm 100% Critical Guide

Ah the Storm school! The hardest hitting school and the easiest school to hit 100% critical. It is also the easiest school to balance super high damage with super high critical. Storm eclipses the other schools in that department but that’s not surprising since that’s what storm is all about, hitting high while trying not to die very quickly (intended shade). Currently, there are many methods to gain high damage and max critical with this school. We’ll explore the one that gives the highest damage while maintaining 100% critical.



The Storm school is the hardest hitting school in the game. This means that they can end battles really fast. They have the highest critical in the game as well as the highest pierce. Their attacks are pretty deadly if they hit you directly. They also have quite a few spells that remove blades which is pretty cool, unless you’re fighting against one of course.


With this gear build, there are just a few problems you will run into. I would say not much is sacrificed compared to the other schools since this area is Storm’s specialty. If you run this gear you will have to sacrifice pierce, and a little bit of resist but you should be fine. Some schools will have to give up these factors along with accuracy but with this build, Storm usually maintains high accuracy. The other problem that you will encounter, which is not just native to this build, is health. Storm is notorious for their low health so this gear setup just reflects that.

Alternative Gear/Recommendations

So with the following gear on, Storm usually maintains 160% damage with 100% critical but if you replace the wand with the Nimbari Justicar Scimitar, you’ll be able to rock 162% damage and 99% critical. You can also use the Lady of Spider’s Lure Amulet from Morganthe instead of the Flygob’s Medallion which will take your critical to around 98% but will give you two extra blades.

What you’ll need

Robe: Malistaire’s Cloak of Flux

Hat: Stormy Paradox Conical

Boots: Stormy Paradox Boots

Wand: Wysteria Warrior’s Longsword

Pet: Triple damage Triple critical pet

Athame: Aphrodite’s Storm of Thorns (with two (2) +18 critical Amethyst jewels)

Ring: Stormy Paradox Ring (With one (1) +18 critical Amethyst jewel)

Amulet: Flygob’s Medallion

Mount: Storm Ghulture

Deck: Stormy Paradox Deck

Total Damage: 160%
Total Critical: 838 (100%)

Storm Gear Setup


Gear Calculations

Thanks for reading my guide on achieving 100% Storm critical in Wizard101. I hope it will help your Storm Wizard hit like a Hurricane as you explore the Spiral with your friends from Ravenwood Academy.

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