Official Partners

Welcome to the Ravenwood Academy Official Partner List!

Many people love Wizard101 so much that they’ve started their own community livestreams and videos! These channels created provide helpful video tips, services and entertainment to the Wizard101 Community.

We are currently accepting submissions for livestreaming and video platforms to be included on our Official program, learn more here or click the drop-down at the top of the page! 

Magical Mystery Tours

Sarai WillowBreeze is a big fan of Wizard101 and has been playing since beta. Magical Mystery Tours is about Monstrology, Castle Magic and glitching.

Check out Magical Mystery Tours Today!


Tux2 has been playing Wizard101 since 2013 and loves the game and the community around it. You’ll usually find her streaming Wizard101, but she also enjoys other games.

Check out her channel Today!

Dawn Walker

Dawn’s channel is mostly PVP based, Wizard101 content. Dawn enjoys making entertaining pvp videos with interesting strategies, he goes live on the weekends while inviting people to help him quest through the worlds.

Check out Dawn’s channel Today!

John Plays

 Meet John Plays, he’s a YouTuber and a Twitch Streamer, his channel has grown from Wizard101. John enjoys doing a full game walk-through with Kevin IceBreaker on Twitch and YouTube! Check out John Today:


The Craft Box

The Craft Box is a channel for Wizard101 and Pirate101 with full gameplay walkthrough. The Craft Box channel is run by: Andrew Deathblade, Andrew is also working on crafting in Wizard101 with his channel.

Check out The Craft Box Today!


Bringmesoup is run by a young Wizard named: Matthew! Mathew’s goal is to make his community viewers enjoy watching his content, and having a good time!

Check out Matthew’s channel Today!


Meet RRRRZZZZ, who is an autistic Pirate101 content creator. RZ started streaming on Twitch, March 31st, 2018, and has put in hours of hard work into Pirate101 to max not only one but two pirates. RZ considers Two-Faced Aurora “A Roar A” Clegg and Two-Faced Dino “Die No” Clegg a part of who they are.

Check out the channel Today!

Potato Wizard

Meet the Potato Wizard, the Potato Wizard makes YouTube videos of a variety of information, and entertainment for Wizard101. 

Check out the Potato Wizard Today! 


Meet Josh, or Shoqk! He’s been a part of the community for a whole 10 years. He loves to PvP, and he making sure his viewers are feeling welcomed on his streams. 

Check out his channel Today!