Happy Birthday Nathan 2019

Happy Birthday Nathan,

Most of the time you are the one saying Thank You. You give us Staff the praise, thanks, and even tough love that we need to grow as people and professionals. This time, I get to be the one to say Thank You to you for everything you have done for us Staff and the Community. The love and dedication you have put into building this Community shows. The caring and supportive culture you have fostered in every part of it is a reflection of you, our caring and thoughtful leader. On every platform you touch, the community shines and stands apart. The care you put into your Staff team shows too. I know it has been my honor and privilege to work alongside you and be coached by you as your Staff member. It has been a gift I will always treasure and has helped me in many ways. I can only speak for myself though. I’m going to let the rest of the Staff team speak for themselves. We made this video to honor you, our leader, on your Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Nathan, here’s to many more years at Wizard101Community and Ravenwood Academy!!!

                                                       Love, Amber

Happy Birthday from your Community Staff !!!

Special thanks to Sarai WillowBreeze for putting the clips all together! We love you so much Nathan! Happy Birthday!!!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Nathan 2019

  1. This video was so sweet I almost cried while watching it, I hope you have a very happy birthday Nathan and your day was great!
    You did good Amber and the rest of the staff team. <3

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