Welcome to 12 days of Friendship!

Welcome to the Ravenwood Academy 12 days of Friendship event! Every day for the next 12 days we will count down with fun activities and prizes! Friendship and community is what Ravenwood Academy is all about, so this is one of our favorite holidays.

Every day we will announce the day’s event and how to enter to win right here at Ravenwoodacademy.com! Check this page each day, or follow us on Twitter to find out what exciting thing we have planned next!

Day One

Find every word on the Friendship word search and submit a screenshot with your Twitter user name and Wizard’s name to us at community@ravenwoodacademy.com by 6 pm Eastern on February 2nd, 2019. Winners will be randomly drawn from entries received by the deadline.

Prizes: 1k crowns + Friendship Oni pet

The winners for day One are @Escapad76979571 @jtzbaby2002 Thank you to everyone that entered and thanks for being part of Ravenwood Academy!

Day Two

Send a note of kindness to a friend in the community! We want to spread the love! Any messages you have in mind you would like to share with your friends and the rest of the community you can:

OPTION 1: Tweet it out making sure to tag @RW_Academy101 and your friend

OPTION 2: E-mail us at community@ravenwoodacademy.com with your message if you prefer it to be anonymous, we will send it on your behalf as long as you have included your friend’s platform information

OPTION 3: Tag our Facebook page “Ravenwood Community”  @RavenwoodAcademy101 and share it on Facebook

Please have your notes sent in by 8pm EST today. Winners will be randomly drawn from entries by 11:00 pm EST.

Prizes: 2k crowns + Majestic Unicorn 1 day Mount

Day Three

Day three is here! Today we will ask you to create your own Wizard101 side quest! Your quest can take place in any world and feature any Wizard101 character. The winning quests will feature kindness, friendship, and teamwork.

Use screenshots from the game, and the templates we have provided. Write in your own dialogue to illustrate your quest! Email your entries to community@ravenwoodacademy.com by 5 pm Eastern February 4th, 2019.

The prize is 3000 Crowns, a Cupig, and a Lovely Leopard.

The winners for day Three are @winterberry93 and @battlesprite! Congrats!

Day Four

Today is day 4 of our Friendship festival, Match your friend day at Ravenwood Academy! Show us you and your friends with any kind of matching hair, outfit, mounts or pets, anything goes! We want to see you and your friends hanging out together in the Spiral.

Email your screenshots to community@ravenwoodacademy.com, Tweet us @RW_Academy101, or tag Ravenwood Community on Facebook by 6 PM EST February 5th, 2019.

The winners will receive a Soaring Heart Wings Mount (PERM), a Friendship Oni Pet and an Amaranthine Wand!

Congrats to @Yin_Instinct, @SIronglen and Abigail StormBlood for winning on day four!

Day Five

On day five of our friendship festival, we want you to help a friend! Nothing shows that you really care like spending time together. Show us you and your friend together in battle helping each other out. Go team!
Email your screenshots to community@ravenwoodacademy.com, Tweet us @RW_Academy101, or tag Ravenwood Community on Facebook by 6 PM EST February 6th, 2019.

The lucky winners will get a temporary Majestic Unicorn mount, an Amaranthine wand, and a Cute little Cupig to call your own.

 Day Six

On Day Six we tweeted out a code on Twitter!! Congrats to everyone who follows us on @RW_Academy101. The codes have all been claimed.

Day Seven

Welcome to day 7 of the Ravenwood Academy friendship festival! Today we are having an art contest. Use your creativity and the Template we have provided to show us what friendship in the Spiral means to you. Your entry can be digitally made, hand drawn, anything goes, let your imagination run wild! Make sure to include a drawing of your wizard and anything related to the theme of friendship and love!

Prizes: 15K Crowns, 1 Level 50 Elixir, Soaring Heart Wings Mount

Send your entry to community@ravenwoodacademy.com by 6 PM EST February 17th, 2019.

Congrats to Kyle Lifeheart, Diggler and Genevieve Ghostshade for winning on Day Seven!

Day Eight

Hey Friends! On day 8 of our friendship festival, we want you to write a poem about your friends in the Spiral. Roses are red, violets are blue, we want to hear about friendship from you! It doesn’t have to rhyme, we just want to hear what is in your heart!

Prizes: 10K Crowns, Care Hare Mount, 1x Majestic Unicorn Temp Mount, and Friendship Oni Pet

Send your entry to community@ravenwoodacademy.com, Tweet us @RW_Academy101, or tag Ravenwood Community on Facebook by 6 PM EST February 10th, 2019.

AlinaTheCacti and Jordan Legend Blade

Day Nine

On day nine design your own Friendship Outfit! What would you wear if you could wear anything to impress your friends in the Spiral? Show us using the templates below and you just might win at Ravenwood Academy!

Prizes: 1K Crowns, 2 Amaranthine Wand Codes and a 1-Day Care Hare Mount!

Send your entry to community@ravenwoodacademy.com, Tweet us @RW_Academy101, or tag Ravenwood Community on Facebook by 5 PM EST February 11th, 2019.

Oreliel321 and wizard101_emms

Day Ten

Keep your eye on our Twitter for some fun surprises for day ten and eleven!

Day Twelve

Join us for day 12 of our friendship festival as our dear friend HDiggler takes the reigns for Ravenwood Academy at a Community house party. We will have PvP, dungeons and friendship themed prizes! Meet us in the commons realm Pixie at 6 pm eastern or tune in on Twitch to join the fun.